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tv   News4 Today  NBC  July 15, 2017 9:00am-9:59am EDT

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time right now 8:59. fairfax police say a woman shot and killed her mother before turning the gun on herself. the two women identified at 23-year-old helen lorena haragan and pamela hansen haragan. follow derrick ward on news 4 for the latest. a judge declaring a mistrial. bonds claimed he stabbed johns in self-defense. the heated exchange after a wedding in august of last year. jurors told the judge they simply could not come to a consensus. you might run into traffic trouble if you drive through d.c. this morning. a rally is set to get under way in about an hour at 10:00 right outside department of justice. the group that organized the women's march in january is now protesting against gun violence in some controversial ads put out by nra. >> announcer: "ne t
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and we welcome you in to "news 4 today" on what is a saturday morning the 15th of july. good morning to you, i'm david culver. >> i'm angie goff. we're ready to get this weekend started. we've got our coffee. >> facebook live. >> facebook live. people joining us behind the scenes. lauryn ricketts, what's the word? >> she's outside on the storm team 4 weather deck. how is it holding up weather wise. >> i'll have to look into the camera. i've got naturally wave so it good whoop when the humidity hits it. good i've got enough spray to hold it down. fairly comfortable as we head through the weekend. it's 80 degrees right now. it does feel a little sticky out here. that will dissipate throughout the day. no rain coming down right now. we do have just a little cell in carroll county north and west of baltimore. but other than that not looking a
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when could we expect to use that umbrella again and do we have any more severe weather in the forecast like we did last night. we'll talk about that on a ten-day in a few minutes. >> all right, lauryn, looking great. see you here in a short time. take you to l.a. right now. this reckless driver leading police on high-speed chase. watch this closely. this was overnight in southern california. this is along the 5 going north toward grapevine and into the mountains, hour and a half drive. 100 miles. the chase lasted for about an hour. troopers say the driver was taken into custody. we've just learned that this morning. the suv drove to speeds up to 100 miles per hour in traffic. no word on what caused the chase and no one fortunately got hurt. >> we now know the reason behind the resignation of a longtime educator in prince george's county. news 4 got a copy of dr. beverly anderson's resignation letter through public information request. anderson resigned from the
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in thatler she alleges dysfunction in the board and school system. she wrote she was disappointed in county executive baker who appointed her. in a statement baker said the school district improved because of anderson's work. this morning man is seriously injured and trying to recover after he was trampled and bitten by a camel. the camel attack happened at the charles county fairgrounds in la plata yesterday. we're told he was the camel's handler. they were here to perform in a circus at the fair ground. he was airlifted to the trauma center. will happen to the camel. pretty scary, though. >> wow. one confessed and another man faces charges in a bizarre situation, the deaths of four men who disappeared outside of philadelphia. >> such a troubling case as we continue to learn more about it. as nbc's chris polon shows us, prosecutors say the victims were killed during a drug deal. >> reporter: a day after 20-year-old cosmo d
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and telling investigators where their bodies are, prosecutors in bucks county, pennsylvania, have now charged him and another man with murder and conspiracy. >> i'm very, very relieved to say that we brought four young men one step closer to their loved ones so they can rest in peace. >> police arrested sean kratz hours after dinardo's confession that deal, dinardo's attorney claims, was to keep his client from facing the death penalty. >> cosmo was spared life in terms of giving all of his relevant information he possibly could. >> district attorney matt weintraub said three of the victims were buried together in a grave more than 12 feet deep. the fourth was buried at least a quarter mile away. >> we'd still be looking for jimi patrick had we not made this agreement. >> dinardo is now charged with four murders, kratz with three. the disappearance of the four men triggered a massive search. investigators quickly focused on
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an estate owned by dinardo's parents after he allegedly tried to sell the car of one of the victims. forensics spent days looking for clues and bodies. >> i'm convinced at the time based on the evidence we have, we have the two men locked up that need to be brought to justice. >> families and friends left to grieve after their worst fears have been confirmed. chris polon, nbc news, new york. it seems donald trump's tougher stance on cuba is not sitting well with the leadership of the island nation. fidel castro is reacting to partial rollback of u.s.-cuba relations. he calls the trump administration's move a setback saying cuba doesn't need lessons from the u.s. on human rights. trump announced limits on traveling to cuba, denounced payments that would benefit the regime. he would
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showed progress in political prisoners. you may be waking up in the richest county in the country. forbes looked and found loudoun county, virginia takes the top spot. median household income is $126,000 and median home value almost half a million. many work there at loudoun airport, home, schools and department of home security. other suburbs including falls church, fairfax, prince william and arlington counties, montgomery, calvert and howard counties in maryland. we have posted the entire list in our nbc washington app. >> we just got this this morning, working with you with the latest recall coming in. you want to listen if you you're firing up the dpril. marathon enterprise calling 7 million pounds of sabrchl ett hot dog products. these are sold in maryland. they may be
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bone fragments. we know one person has gotten hurt. items made between march 17th and july 4th this year. we posted the list of items in our nbc washington app. important trouble for metro. we'll show you what a new review is uncovering about employees and overtime abuse and the action the agency is now taking. a sign of freedom and a community coming together. how neighbors are showing their pride after flags were found torn and burned. you each drive a ford pickup right? yes.
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disturbing and disappointing, how he feels after a review found an employee abused overtime. the employee was a track supervisor now let go. metro's inspector general found the supervisor was getting paid significant overtime earnings, including for times he wasn't even working. othe
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metro's local union 689 says on twitter that it's not commenting because the person was likely not represented by the union. >> imagine finding the perfect wedding dress, and then wedding dress shop shuts down. a national bridal chain closing its doors forever leaving brides scrambling for a dress. they closed down 60 scores nationwide, impacting a lot of local brides. we know some of you brides out there are impacted by this. an employee says a trustee will take over the company and will decide if brides will get their gowns. the bridal company has been in business for eight decades, 80 years. hopefully they will get them. have your sunglasses, short sleeves, sunblock, part of the list. lauryn with the forecast. she'll let you know the best times to hit the pool, a morning run. we'll check in with
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coming to america. afghanistan's all girl robotics team is on u.s. soil. the next challenge for these
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a little warm when you head out there this morning. temperatures at 80 degree mark. we're going to take them up to right around 90 degrees. for daytime highs today, plenty of sunshine as w
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good looking pool weather with lowering humidity. no storms in sight today. how does the rest of the week shape up? more weather on the horizon, your answer in five minutes. >> see you then, lauryn. some neighbors in alexandria want you to if passing through their neighborhood what sure you take note of their american flags. >> just a few weeks ago an american veteran woke up to find his flag burned and tattered. >> reporter: he lost the use of his left arm when he was wounded by german machine gunfire.
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>> the flag means i lost a lot of blood and pled profusely for it. i take that flag as symbol in my life. >> the morning before independence day, he found the american flag he flies year-round in front of his alexandria home destroyed by fire. >> i guess in a state of shock, i had never seen anything like that before. >> three of his neighbors were also vandalized. at one home, ten garden flags were gathered and tossed in the gutter. two other homes had their flag burned. >> i thought it was a disgrace. it's our american flag. we're very proud of it. >> this surveillance video at a home in richmond, virginia shows a man setting fire to a flag in june. the vandal in richmond pleaded guilty to arson. mr. cohen and his neighbors are hoping alexandria police catch the vandal responsible for desecrating flags here. cohen's neighbor helped him replace the flag in front of his home. >> since we were both army veterans, i thought it was a nice touch from two different generations we were able to replace it. >> flag day was last month on june 14th. some neighbors in alexandria say they will fly flags to honor those symbols of american
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freedom that were trashed, burned or destroyed during the independence day celebration. reporting from alexandria, chris gordon, news 4. we all know how hot our cars can get during the summer. have you ever thought about the temperature inside of a plane. a colorado mom hired an attorney after ems crews had to take her 4-month-old son off the united plane when the mom said it got too hot. they were on the tarmac. the baby was treated and released from the hospital. the mom said united was not equipped to handle the situation. >> i said, get an ambulance and get me off the plane. the next day after we were released from the hospital and were home, no one had reached out to me. i got a bulk e-mail, tell us about your experience on your flight to el paso. i'm determined to take this horrible thing and make something good out of it. >> it was a flight to el paso but originated i
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tarmac. in a statement to nbc news, they should this should not have happened and is very sorry for the experience the family endured. for folks with sickle cell disease getting bone marrow is really the only cure. fighting it, that's the challenge. it's not easy. people can wait years for a perfect match. >> doctors at children's hospital have found a way around that. as aimee cho reports, their first patient is a local girl, a teen from manassas. >> strokes and seizures and hallucinations and things like that. >> reporter: that was the norm for rhiannon perry, born with sick emcell disease, born with a genetic disorder where clogged vessels that cut off oxygen to the body's tissues. she spent years in pain waiting for a bone marrow match. >> it was stressful. at times it was kind of like that giving up feeling that you're kind of like just down.
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>> it's a parent's worst nightmare. to feel helpless, feel like there's nothing you can do, it's the worst feeling in the world. >> that's where the doctors at children's national came in. >> most patients don't have a perfect match donor. >> dr. alister abraham explaining the half match procedure. normally if bone marrow isn't a perfect match, the cells will attack. with a half match, doctors simply take out the donor's immune cells. and with that rhiannon's dad was able to donate. >> i would do anything for my daughter, even if it was give up my life to help her live and survive. it was exciting to help her. >> no more waking up at 2:00 in the morning feeling painful pain. no more, you know, being afraid to get in the pool with my friends because i might have, you know, some problems. >> with her little sister and parents by her side, she's healthier than ever re
9:19 am
head to high school. >> i skype into class, straight as. i'm above my grade level. so i've been working hard doing that. hopefully i can continue on my path, doctor to patient. >> a path she hopes will one day lead her back to the hospital as a doctor herself. >> being around those people and the nurses have really made a change in my life, made me feel warm and that sense of i want to help people like they do. >> now she can. thanks to that half match, she's got her whole life ahead. northwest, amy cho, news 4. children's national says they hope to use the half match procedure to cure other diseases as well in the future. an all girls robotics team from afghanistan is waking up in d.c. this morning. their story captured attention across the globe. the girls were rejected not once but twice for u.s. visas. presidtr
9:20 am
reverse that decision. the u.s. won't say why the girls were rejected in the first place. the afghan ambassador to the u.s. says it appears there were concerns they would not return to afghanistan. the three-day robotics competition starts tomorrow. it will include participants from all over the place, 157 countries. so we have a lot of guests we're welcoming here to washington. >> yes. >> hopefully on a nice note when it comes to the weather. >> you were just outside. how did it feel this morning? >> it was nice. can you still feel a little stickiness out there. it's either not going to be as oppressive as yesterday. you walked outside and it was like a ton of bricks. >> a wall. >> a wall and a wall of rain afterwards. dry as well. this weekend, all in all not too bad. get into monday, tuesday, that's the workweek. we'll talk about that on the ten-day forecast. let's dive into the week, shall we?
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absolutely gorgeous out there overlooking potomac river. nourks now, as we continue through the rest of the afternoon the humidity will continue to fall. still looking prevent and comfortable. plenty of sunshine sunday, late sunday night and monday, that's when the humidity begins to return. pump back in. monday, tuesday, through the week hot and humid. storms. that's our next chance. 80 in d.c., 1 leesburg, 85 warrenton. temperatures are going to make it into the low 90s today. now, a little shower trying to really get going north and west of the city of baltimore right now. so they could have an isolated sprinkle in baltimore. for everybody else, mostly dry. there's the frontal system that passed through yesterday that is hanging out to the south of us as high pressure builds in. we are expecting all sunshine as we get into the afternoon with those temperatures. 90, upper 80s, lower 90s depending on your location. again, decreasingum
9:22 am
tomorrow just as comfortable. temperatures right around 90 degrees. we'll have sunshine, another beautiful sunrise tomorrow morning coming up 5:00 to 6:00 a.m. humidity falls this afternoon. tomorrow will stay a little on the comfortable side and then starts to move back up late sunday into monday. again, hot and humid all through next week. our next chance of storms will be monday and tuesday. pretty much right around that 90 degree mark for the next four days. take temperatures into the upper 90s wednesday and thursday. another chance of rain follows for friday and saturday. hey, lauren, thanks. stick around for this next story. i know you've been to this case, an iconic local restaurant. it's finding new life. we'll tell you abo the ut
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>> pat lawson muse. the owner of al's steakhouse dorothy looks forward to slinging steaks in delray. she took over the restaurant after the death of the previous owner who started the busier. last may a fire damaged the restaurant. turns out a new grill
9:26 am
grease behind the wall. during week long repairs, the community stood with her. even a fundraiser by business competitors. >> the way the community rallied around us meant a lot. hopefully they will rally around us again and come back and eat some steak and cheese. >> now the old favorites are back, with a few new additions including breakfast sandwiches and of course the original steak and cheese made the way al made it. pat lawson muse, news 4. a popular pizza shop is opening up a unique space. they will begin cesc slices of its wood fired pizza in hyattsvil hyattsville. this one will be different, the first to share a space with this, art, an art school. the artwork studio school will
9:27 am
owners of both businesses say food and art go great together. >> pizza goes with a lot of things. a live look outside, union station, american flag breezing. isn't that nice? do you think your days is complete? lauryn updating your forecast for a great day you can spend under the sea. >> reporter: a murder suicide in mclean. police identify a mother
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. right now police updating us on a disturbing discovery in mclean. they found two women, a mother and her daughter dead in a home. this morning what investigators believe happened. >> murder mistrial, wedding caterer killed and family looking for justice. why the jury went home after a week of testimony. angie, i know you heard this yesterday, a lot of folks did. pounding thunder. news 4 getting you ready for the weekend. for some of you it's going to be a weekend starting off with a lot of cleanup. you saw some damage there. good thing is, it doesn't look like we'll see many storms this weekend. it appears for at least the start of the weekend, we have dry conditions for everybody to get to work and start to pick up
9:31 am
a lot of those trees uprooted and so, so fast, lauryn. >> that thing flew by quickly. we had tons of wind reports and tons of hail reports. winds definitely over 57.5 miles an hour. it was pretty awful yesterday in terms of the damage, in terms of the storms that we did see. however, as we go through the weekend, a lot more quiet conditions. temperatures right now at 80 degrees. so when you walk outside and it's 9:30, you think we're at 80 degrees right now, we're going to keep warming up. actually those temperatures will hold off. we'll hold off in upper 80s and low 90s for daytime highs today. again, we'll take those temperatures up. but we will be dry today. humidity is dropping. the clouds are decreasing. when is our next chance of rain. we've got your forecast in a few minutes. >> lauren, we'll check in there. meanwhile tragic details concerning death investigation in mclean. >> news 4's derrick ward live with new details from police.
9:32 am
>> reporter: well, first of all, there is a sense of sad neness sadness and shock on dean avenue, dean road. this is the house where it's centered. can you see the police tape. it's still a crime scene, as we've learned names and circumstances of the two people found dead here. haragan and pamela denise hansen haragan, the younger being the daughter. police believe the daughter shot the mother yesterday and then shot herself. this started 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon when police were called to the house. the caller said they believe they thought someone may have been killed. police could not get anyone inside. they couldn't get in contact with anyone inside. then they did a reverse 911 call to tell them to stay inside. when they did, they found the
9:33 am
they are stressing there was a 7-year-old child normally in the house who wasn't at home at the time of this incident. that child is safe with her mother. all the family pets are accounted for. again, the question remains what is this about. as you can imagine folks in the neighborhood are reacting with disbelief. >> shock. you don't think things happen in your own neighborhood of that's the reality sometimes, smshl where we live in the area. it happens. unfortunately, like i said, you hope for the best and fear the worst. >> reporter: indeed. again, a mother and daughter found dead in this house in mclean. police believe the daughter shot the mother and then herself. live in mclean, derrick ward. >> that is tragic. thanks. four days of testimony and evidence. more than six hours of deliberations. the result? no verdict. a judge declaring a mistrial in the murder case of a beloved wedding caterer. last august kempton bonds had a summerob
9:34 am
park authority. he was supervising cleanup at a wedding venue when things turned deadly. the prosecution telling jurors bonds was antagonizing and taunting the wedding guests. they told the jury that bonds attacked tyonne johns, stabbing and murdering her. the defense with a different story. they say she attacked him and his actions were self-defense. the jury just couldn't agree on a verdict. they told the judge more time, that wouldn't help. attorneys now going to meet in the coming weeks to discuss the next step in the beginning of a new trial. today they walked 18 miles in the heat and storm and will hold a rally outside the department of justice. they started their march outside in fairfax. they want the gun rights group to respond to the philando castile. he's the man shot by a police officer in minneapolis. some counter-protesters said it is people, not guns
9:35 am
the violence. today's rally could cause delays along pennsylvania avenue. it starts in less than half an hour at 10:00 a.m. one of the women at the march got people to sign a petition aimed at getting new license plates in the commonwealth. she wants the dmv to consider a plate that reads, stop the gun violence, end quote. right now they have more than 250 license options. they say it's important to add another one. >> when you're stopped at a light, this is a great way to just bring it back, a visual means. it means on the logo, stop breaking hearts. >> those promoting stop the gun violence plates say they need just 150 more signatures to take the next step in this process. they also say a lawmakers is on board to help out. the trump administration wants greater freedom deciding who can come into the u.s. justice department filing emergency al
9:36 am
legal window concerning the travel ban from six muslim skrort countries. the administration is seeking to undo a hawaii judge ruling that vastly expands the list of family relationships that can comes to the u.s. that expansion includes grandparents and grandchildren. the tangled legal fight is expected to go before the high court in october. president trump the first sitting president to attend the u.s. women's golf tournament played this weekend at the trump national golf club in bedminster, new jersey. the president watching the tournament closely. can you see him there from an enclosed glass building next to the 14th green. the u.s. golf association awarded to trump national way before the election back in 2012. all that front and center in "meet the press." chuck todd has an exclusive interview coming up with texas republican senator john cornyn. other interviews include
9:37 am
virginia senator mark werner and jay s.e.ekulosekulow, a member of the president's legal team. transportation alert. if you need to ride the red line, you might be in for delays. a new way to waterproof tunnels. this means friendship heights and grosvenor will be closed this weekend and the following three weekends as well. you can hop on a shuttle bus as well. news 4 got an exclusive look inside those leaky tunnels a few years ago. metro hopes latest repairs will cut down on track fires caused by arcing insulators. if you have a few s.e.c. you might help find a man who savagely attacked a bus driver. looking at surveillance photos just released of the suspect. investigators saying the man got into an argument with the ride on driver near shady grove metro and moments later that person started to beat the driver with a radio phone as he
9:38 am
desperately tried to call for help. surveillance cameras because the the man on another bus not long after that attack. angie, want to show good news from the community. montgomery county police officers colleagues are pulling together after he lost his home. the fire started outside the officer's house in damascus early friday morning. ammunition stowed inside the patrol car somehow exploded. the officer and his wife were taken temperature hospital for smoke inhalation. we're told they should be okay. investigators still working to learn what caused the explosion and squenlt fire. subsequent fire. the officer's colleagues are holding a fundraiser for the family. we've got information on that. if you want to learn more do to our nbc washington app. developing right now, horror in honolulu. the deadly fire forcing dozens out of this high-rise and daring rescue by firefighters. >> you've got to see this video right here. down goes one house. this, folks, is the beginning. we're going to tell you about the danger from
9:39 am
9:40 am
9:41 am
if you haven't seen this yet, it's no doubt going to pop on social media today. a massive sinkhole devouring that home. a pair of homes swallowed by that same holy -- hole. this is in pasco county, florida, 40 miles north of florida. no one was inside the home but firefighters did have to rescue two dogs. at least ten other homes in the neighborhood have been evacuated. just as a precaution, angie. at least three people dead and a dozen others seriously hurt following this devastating apartment fire. listen to this. it happened in hawaii last night. honolulu's mayor says the burning highrise did not have sprinklers. then listen to this, according to our nbc station, because the elevators are down, firefighters had to use human chains to get equipment to the crews. inst
9:42 am
learn what caused the deadly fire. >> let's take you outside right now. a live look on this saturday morning. feeling a lot more comfortable today than in recent days. we've got lauryn tracking showers in the forecast. we'll check in with her. many of us still have cleaning up to do from last night's storm. the wreckage that brought down trees and scattered debris across the region. stay with us. restlessness... extreme anxiety... pacing... a constant urge to move. if someone you know is suffering from schizophrenia they may also be struggling with akathisia:
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we're back at 9:44 on saturday. uncertainty this morning especially over chances of passing gop health care bill. >> president trump and vice president pence turned up the heat on republican senators still undecided. nbc's kasie hunt reports on big incentives some are now being offered. >> reporter: the new republican health care bill hanging on by a thread, now sewn together with back room bills, bayou bailout, sunshine sellout, polar payoff, each aimed at a republican senator on the fence about whether to vote yes to repeal and replace obama wear.
9:46 am
>> i won't make a decision until i've done by homework. >> senator krakowski was no on the last draft. it gives alaska special access to $132 billion pot of money. florida has a special carve out for marco rubio, and so does louisiana for bill cassidy. all orchestrated by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> he's pulled more than one rabbit out of the hat. i keep asking him if he feels the fuzzy ears of another one in there. we'll see. >> reporter: with two republicans already opposed, mcconnell can't lose any more republican votes if he wants to pass the bill. vice president mike pence witching republican governors worried about losing medicaid money. >> this your chance. the senate health care bill restores medicaid to its original purpose. >> in west virginia where one in three relies on medicaid. >> it's terrifying for me as a mother. cristie judd's son born with a rare genetic condition and needs round-the-clock care. she's waiting to find out what it means for her family. >> if we lost medicaid we would fight with everything we have in order to make sure we were able to keep ethan at home with us. >> reporter: kasie hunt. nbc news, the capital. former president jimmy carter is out of the hospital. th
9:47 am
treated for dehydration. the former president and first lady worked in the heat at carter work project sites in two canadian cities. thursday carter became weak. carter wasted no time and was back on a habitat for humanity building site project in winnipeg just yesterday. this is a story you'll only see on news 4. the family of a crash victim raising questions about a dumptruck driver now accused in a different crash. only news 4 talked to the family of bianca butler. she was a woman seriously hurt after a dumptruck driver hit other on south dakota avenue in northwest d.c. the crash happened earlier this week on tuesday. two weeks ago that same driver hit and seriously hurt a gallaudet university student crossing the street. as you can imagine the woman's family is angry. >> he shouldn't have been driving, this would never have happened to bianca. i don't fault the driver, i
9:48 am
fault the contractor. alvarez was arrested in 2015 crash but he has not been charged in the most recent accident this week. his employer, fort meyer construction, says safety is their top priority and is working with police now. i know you noticed when you were out and about and a lot of you waking up to cleanup after storms, a lot of rain, wind moved through the areas. parts of d.c., maryland, virginia all got a taste. >> it was swift. a tree on a car. people in the home got out okay. problems on metro, a rider tweeting this before the orange station on the red line. passengers boarded a red train to escape all of that. >> i know you guys, lauryn, were tracking this throughout
9:49 am
unpredictable. >> those things were flying through here. i was on vacation, looked at the radar, a phenomenal job. my goodness, those things, if you didn't know they were coming, you did once it started raining. it was pouring out there, and you definitely could hear it. a lot of damage across the region. tha thank goodness a break. let's show you what's going on with headlines. the humidity will decrease along with the clouds decreasing as we continue into the afternoon. chance of rain returns but not until monday. we do have a lonely shower out there on the radar. i'm going to show you where it is. heat and humidity also returned as wets into monday and tuesday. it's already a little warm out there. the temperature at 80 degrees. upper 70s and lower 80s across the board. here is a little bit of rain right now to the north and west of baltimore. we go ahead and zero in on that on storm team 4 radar, south to
9:50 am
inside of the beltway. a downpour but that's it. the rest of us will be dry today, 90 as humidity calls during the afternoon. a lot of good activities. get outside and maybe eat some brunch. not as humid if you want yard work throughout the day. concert venues, zac brown, willie nelson over the weekend. a lot of people headed out to that. a lot of people out to see james taylor and bonnie raitt. thank goodness rain didn't follow on that parade. both 90s comfortable but humidity starts pouring in late sunday night into monday. monday, tuesday, hot and humid. monday and tuesday temperatures around 90 with increased humidity it's going to feel even warmer. some showers and thunderstorms monday and tuesday, wednesday and thursday look at those temperatures. we are dry. still humid friday and saturday followed by another chance of storms mainly in the afternoon and evin
9:51 am
>> going to get hot. thank you, lauryn. you may see them every day and never know how big a difference they make. we'll show you how folks who do good things for our cmunity arome
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well, they are people you see every day but don't necessarily know their real story.
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people had to do thing for the community often they don't want that in loudoun county, that is about to change. june 2016, the deadliest flood in six years. parts of west virginia under water, hundreds of homes destroyed, thousands of lives impacted. >> there were hundreds of families that lost their housing, lost loved ones. family pets. it was a complete lost. had to do something. there was a family that had 13 children. they weren't able to safely transport them. they were in an area that experienced a national disaster. we were able to get a van together through other community members, purchase 15 passenger van, get it renovated, down to them and even pay the first year of insurance. that allowed them to start doing athletics, going to doctor's appointments, things they couldn't logistically handle without transportation so it was a game changer for them. honestly, i see a need and i think i have to do something to fix it. i'm just a fixer.
9:55 am
maura's efforts to help flood victims went under the radar until malia found out. she started a project called loudoun 100 to honor folks who made a difference without recognition. >> what i started to see was how amazing, how these every day people are doing amazing things locally. i thought, it would be really awesome if these are the people that are seen and who are, you know, put in the spotlight. >> the nominees in the loudoun 100 span all generations, races, income level but they all have one thing in common. >> it's funny, everybody that comes in here, it's the first thing they say. i have no idea why i'm here i have no idea why they think i'm important or amazing. >> a september event planned to honor all 100 nominees. for more on that go to our nbc washington app. search loudoun 100. your time 9:55
9:56 am
morning. let's set you up with four things to know before you head out. we've learned tragic details concerning a death investigation. this is out of mclean. fairfax county police say a woman shot and killed her mother before turning a gun on herself. the two women identified at 23-year-old helen lorena haragan and helen hansen haragan. organizers behind women's march will have people gather outside the department of justice. a rally set to begin in a few minutes. the group protesting against gun violence and national rifle association. a fairfax county judge declaring a mistrial in the murder case of a beloved wedding caterer. kempton bonds claimed he stabbed tyonne bonds in self-defense after a wedding in august of last year. jurors told the judge they simply couldn't come to a consensus. a traffic alert for you. expect a lot of trouble on the red line every weekend for the next month. metro is doing work to waterproof tunnels between friendship heights and grosvenor. shuttle buses will replac
9:57 am
if you check out nbc washington app you'll find details. a break in the humidity and storms, too. >> definitely the storms. the humidity is going to lessen little by little especially by this afternoon. you're still going to feel a touch of it, just not as oppressive as the last few days. tomorrow comfortable as well. both days above 90. some showers and storms monday, tuesday. all right. >> still remind us to stay hydrated. so, so important. >> look before you lock when it comes to kids, pets. be careful when you're looking doors. that's going to wrap it up for "news 4 today." thanks for spending your morning with us. >>ack tomorrow b m
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from fields and factories they came looking for opportunity. they worked hard. we helped them work harder. they are the students of strayer university. for 125 years, we've supported as they've rewritten the future.
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we say, let's get it, america.
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